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Small "stamp box" - Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874)
Small "stamp box" - Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874)  - Objects of Vertu Style Small "stamp box" - Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874)  -
Ref : 63456
Period :
19th century
Artist :
Monogrammé "FD Bte" sur l'ivoire du couvercle et g
Dimensions :
L. 3.31 inch X H. 1.89 inch X P. 2.09 inch
Objects of Vertu  - Small "stamp box" - Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874) 19th century - Small "stamp box" - Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874)
Galerie de Crécy

French furniture of the 18th century

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Small "stamp box" - Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874)

Ferdinand DUVINAGE (1813-1874) and Maison Alphonse GIROUX Small box "stamp box" in gilded metal inlaid with ivory plates, precious polychrome wood and golden cloisonné decorated with bird "hoopoe" surrounded by leaves, branches and chestnut bugs. It opens by a flap discovering a compartmentalized interior in three parts whose inclined bottom indicates that it is a box with stamp. It rests on a perforated openwork base terminated by four serrated round feet. Monogrammed "FD Bte" on the ivory of the lid and engraved: "AlpH: Giroux Paris" on the inner border under lid. Ferdinand DUVINAGE deposited a patent of invention (hence "bte" on the lid) of mosaic combined with metallic partitioning. Very good condition Height 4.8 cm by 8.4 cm by 5.3 cm

Galerie de Crécy

18th century
chest of drawers, 18th

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