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Horse hunter's musketeer of the guard

Réf : 63067


Horse hunter's musketeer of the guard

Horse hunter's musketeer of the guard of the consuls and imperial guard, first empire. Five-sided short-barreled barrel of the IX system, length without the cylinder head tail 75,4 cm, with the cylinder head tail 81 cm. Platinum of the carabiner year IX signed "Manufacture of Versailles". Caliber 17 mm. Barrel clearing barrel. Crosse to cheek. All brass fittings. Mouthpiece with pronounced spout fixed by a spring just like the grenadière. Brass guard. Brass layer plate. Counter-plate screw with brass rosette and steel ring (ring changed later). Flat screw heads. Stick with nail head. Overall length of the [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Bertrand Malvaux

Bertrand Malvaux



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