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Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME
Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME - Furniture Style Louis XV Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME - Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME - Louis XV
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Period :
18th century
Artist :
Jean-Baptiste Hedouin
Provenance :
Medium :
Oak frame veneered with tulipwood, sycamore, boxwood, kingwood and bois teinté; fire-gilt bronze fit
Dimensions :
L. 21.26 inch X l. 12.99 inch X H. 30.71 inch
Furniture  - Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME 18th century - Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME
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Small Commode stamped IBHEDOUIN JME

A small commode with a bulged front and without a “traverse apparente”. This is exceptional for a work of Hedouin. The sides of the commode are arched. The front corner posts widen in the middle to give the commode a more imposing appearance. The edge of the front legs are fitted with a gilt bronze beaded edge that runs from the bronze corner ornaments on the top right down to the sabots.
The marquetry decoration is extended over the front of both drawers. The sycamore cartouche is inlaid with elegant flowers that fill the entire field. The corners are emphasized with shapes of bois teinté.
Jean Baptiste Hédouin (? - January 1783), was registered as maître ébéniste on May 22. 1738 in Paris. Working from the Rue Traverière-st. Antoine he provide high quality furniture. His designs show a Louis XV (Rococo) style and often contain leaf shaped decorations or geometrical cube-shapes. This commode with its flowery decoration, therefore, is an a-typical work of Hédouin.
The object bears two stamps of the maker. One on the back and one on the top (underneath the marble): IBHEDOUIN JME
JME is the mark of the “Jurande des Menuisiers-Ébénistes”, the jurors of the Parisian joiner guild, whose task it was to monitor the quality of the produced merchandise.

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