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The grieving Pyramus - Jan Andries (Andrea) Lievens (1644-1680)
The grieving Pyramus - Jan Andries (Andrea) Lievens (1644-1680) - Paintings & Drawings Style
Ref : 62833
14 500 €
Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Flemish school
Medium :
Oil on wood panel
Dimensions :
L. 19.88 inch X H. 26.38 inch
Jan Muller


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The grieving Pyramus - Jan Andries (Andrea) Lievens (1644-1680)

Jan Andries (Andrea) Lievens
(Antwerp 1644–1680 Amsterdam)
We are grateful to Bernhard Schnackenburg for identifying the painting as an autograph work by Jan Andrea Lievens.
Schnackenburg writes: “The picture has already been recognised as the work of a Dutchman with Flemish influences, and linked to the oeuvre of Jan Lievens. The High Baroque style, on the basis of Rubens and Van Dyck, indicates a late period after 1660, at the end of Jan Lievens’ creative production. He himself, however, can be ruled out as the painter, as faces with similarly moving emotion are not known from his late period. Rather, much suggests that it is a work of his gifted son and student, Jan Andrea Lievens. Closely related in the liveliness of the facial expressions, in the depiction of the hands, and the fleecy, light fabrics is the newly resurfaced painting, The Drinker, by Jan Andrea Lievens (Sotheby’s, New York, 31 January 2013, lot 70), which immediately after its completion was deemed worthy of an engraved reproduction, with the indication of his famous father as inventor (Schneider 1972/73, no. 126). Similarly widely painted is The Geographer in Leiden, Rheinlandhaus (Schneider no. 117, exhibition catalogue, Jan Lievens, Washington 2008, no. 55). The commission was issued to Jan Lievens in 1665 or 1666, who transferred the execution to his as yet unknown son and therefore received only a portion of the honorarium. It appears that he hoped for support from Jan Andrea in his old age”.

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