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Art Nouveau showcase in the Japonism style.

Réf : 62678


Art Nouveau showcase in the Japonism style.

Japonisme is a French term also spelled Japonism, used to describe the influence of Japanese Arts on those of the West. It was first used by Jules Claretie in the book L'Art Francais in 1872. Western artists were especially influenced by the recent openning of Japan . They discoverd Japanese wood block prints and the lack of perspective and shadow, areas of strong color aswell as compositional freedom and off center placement. Japonisme especially influenced ar nouveau styles, influencing design in all of the applied arts. This showcase present a very nice quality in carving and details. It is perfect for a [...]

Period : 19th century

Antique dealer : Cristina Ortega & Michel Dermigny

Cristina Ortega & Michel Dermigny