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Undergrowth on Mantes - Louis HAYET (1864-1940)
Undergrowth on Mantes - Louis HAYET (1864-1940) - Paintings & Drawings Style Undergrowth on Mantes - Louis HAYET (1864-1940) -
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Louis HAYET (1864-1940)
Medium :
Oil on board
Dimensions :
L. 20.47 inch X l. 14.96 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Undergrowth on Mantes - Louis HAYET (1864-1940) 19th century - Undergrowth on Mantes - Louis HAYET (1864-1940)
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Late 19th early 20th century painting

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Undergrowth on Mantes - Louis HAYET (1864-1940)

An oil on cardboard marouflée on canvas representing an undergrowth in Mantes signed lower right by Louis HAYET (1864-1940)

His predisposition for painting appeared in 1876. From 1877 to 1884, he traveled the roads with his father, traveling merchant. He joined the neo-impressionist group, Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac and Georges Seurat. First pointillist, it returns to a more classical way in 1890 and Signac Paul will remove all mention of Louis Hayet in the second edition of his work "D'Eugène Delacroix to neo-impressionism" (the manifesto of pointillism).

He painted scenes of circus and urban landscapes in the spirit of Seurat. It has a workshop in La Frette, and realizes many landscapes of the surroundings. He owes him the marines of his travels in Brittany, the views of Montmartre, where he had a studio in rue d'Orchampt in 1890.

He was a witness at the marriage of the painter Georges Tardif, in 1894 to the mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Hayet will devote the end of his career to scientific research on pigments or color, without ceasing to paint.

Le Chef d'oeuvre inconnu

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