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Inro Japanese urushi lacquer, Japan EDO

Réf : 62361


Inro Japanese urushi lacquer, Japan EDO

Inro Japanese urushi lacquer, opening by 5 parts ans 4 cases. Technique of Takamaki-e and Kirigane gold and black lacquers with mother-of-pearl. A landscape of a large pine-tree, with courtiers, mans, or an aristocrat and servants, clad in ornated clothes, seated in a flat boat (shibafune) on the water. Might be one of the Prince Genji’s in Japanese literature the Genji monogatari by Murasaki Shikibu (973 ? – 1014?) lady-in-waiting to the imperial court. Might be also, immortals of poetry. An early inro, a little bit altered by the loss of gold and shell scales. With an glass ojime. Height : 3 inches. Japan [...]

Period : 17th century

Antique dealer : Reflets des Arts

Reflets des Arts


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