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Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th
Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th - Tapestry & Carpet Style Louis XIII Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th - Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th - Louis XIII Antiquités - Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th
Ref : 62001
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Period :
17th century
Artist :
Medium :
Wool and silk
Dimensions :
l. 112.99 inch X H. 122.44 inch
Tapestry & Carpet  - Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th 17th century - Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th Louis XIII - Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th Antiquités - Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th
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Brussels Tapestry Circa first half 17th

Exceptional tapestry of Flanders, Brussels signed below on the right, weaved finely woolen Wauters ( 1619-1660 ) and silk. Beautiful border presenting side columns supporting(bearing) a girder decorated with two loves, framing(supervising) one cartridge decorated with a landscape. The subject evokes one episode of Esther's Life.
Our panel(sign) presents " Esther's Dress(Toilet) ".
Mardochée had adopted his(her) cousin Hadassa, whom we called Esther. His(her,its) body was magnificent and its remarkable beauty [] The girls had to follow during one year the treatment(processing) of beauty prescribed to the women: first six months they were massed(massaged) with some oil of myrrh and next six months with perfumed balms and other feminine cosmetics.

" The history(story) brought back(reported) here arrived in the time of king Xerxès, the one who reigned out of a hundred twenty seven provinces, from India to Ethiopia. During the third year of his reign, king, installed(settled) in his royal palace of the citadel of Suse, organized a banquet for all his senior officials and his(her) Secretaries; he(it) gathers(combines) with him the officers of the army of Persia and Médie, the governors and the leaders(heads) of provinces. He(it) showed them the magnificent wealth and the brilliant luxury which made the glory of its reign. The festivities lasted for a very long time, six months all in all. At the end of this period, king also offered a banquet to people of any conditions, rich or poor, which were in the citadel of Suse. This party(holiday) took place during a week in the gardens of the palace. " - Esther 1:1-6
" The seventh day of the banquet, king Xerxès was cheered up by the wine. He called seven eunuches. He ordered them to bring him(her) queen Vasti carrying(wearing) the royal crown. He wished to show to his senior officials and to other present people how much the queen was beautiful. She(it) was indeed of a remarkable beauty. The eunuches passed on(transmitted) the order of king to the queen, but this one refused to come. King was seized with a violent anger. He consulted his experts, because the royal business(affairs) was always adjusted by means of the specialists of the right(law) and the uses(practices). [] Memoukan declared then to king and to his(her) senior officials: " queen Vasti very badly acted not only towards king, but also towards her senior officials and towards all the men(people) who live in the various provinces of the empire. Indeed, all the women are going to learn the behavior of the queen and they will begin despising the authority of her husbands. .......

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