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LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure
LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure - Sculpture Style Art Déco LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure - LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure - Art Déco
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20th century
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Sculpture  - LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure 20th century - LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure
Dominique et Henri Ughetto

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LIPCHYTZ Samuel (1880-1943) - Danser figure

Sculpture in bronze, Art Deco period, dancer figure with a twisted dress; Rectangular base in black veined marble.

Dimensions without stand: H. 28 cm; L. 27 cm.
Dimensions with stand: H. 35 cm; L. 38.5 cm.

This work is characteristic of the work of Samuel LIPCHYTZ (1880-1943): born under the reign of Tsar Alexander II, Samuel LIPCHYTZ (1880-1943) is, like Soutine, Chagall, Zadkine, one of the outstanding figures of the Russian Jewish School of Paris.

A young sculptor, Samuel Lipchytz went to Paris to complete his training. From the beginning, he participated in the adventure of La Ruche, the artists' city founded in Montparnasse by the sculptor Alfred Boucher. It is as a sculptor on ivory that it acquires its first notoriety.
The new aesthetic that develops in the years 1920-1930 allows it to give its full measure. His sculptures of dancers become, along with those of Chiparus, the icons of the Art Deco movement. He declines each creation in several materials and patina. But he knows how to transcend the dictates of Art Deco fashion as a true sculptor and imprint the mark of his personality in each of his works: one can recognize a sculpture by Samuel Lipchytz by the joy of living, the healthy and joyful sensuality, In clearance.

Dominique et Henri Ughetto


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