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Landscape - Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960)
Landscape - Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960) - Paintings & Drawings Style Art Déco Landscape - Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960) -
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Period :
20th century
Artist :
Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960)
Medium :
Oil on canvas
Dimensions :
L. 21.65 inch X l. 18.11 inch
Paintings & Drawings  - Landscape - Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960) 20th century - Landscape - Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960)
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Late 19th early 20th century painting

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Landscape - Rodolphe Théophile BOSSHARD (1889-1960)

An oil on canvas measuring 55X46 cm (without the frame) representing a landscape of surreal ruins signed lower left circa 1940.

Rodolphe-Théophile Bosshard entered the School of Fine Arts in Geneva in 1907, went to Paris in 1910 with his friend the painter Gustave Buchet, then again in 1914. He returned there, a young groom, A fellowship in 1920. Inaugurated in Montparnasse for four years, he made many friendships in the bubbling environment of the period: Marc Chagall, Ossip Zadkine, André Derain, Charles Despiau, Charles Dufresne (painter), Jean Lurçat ... Swiss Cingria, Clement and Paul Budry.

From his hustle and bustle for Ferdinand Hodler and the German expressionism of his early years to the abstraction of the fifties, Bosshard's art has never ceased to be renewed in his landscapes, his still lifes, his nudes, It abandons the dream and the light which are its own.

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