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Workshop Filippo Lauri (Rome 1623-1694 ) Venus and Cupid

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Workshop Filippo Lauri (Rome 1623-1694 ) Venus and Cupid

Venus and Cupid preparing for his mission - Workshop Filippo Lauri (Rome 1623 -id. 1694) Canvas on hardboard 45 cm by 30 cm; Beautiful setting of 57 cm by 42 cm. Venus, goddess of Love became jealous of the beautiful Psyche ordered her son Cupid to inspire Psyche unbounded love for the most contemptible of mortals. Cupid flew to execute the wishes of his mother, but when he saw Psyche, he was so dazzled by her beauty that he hurt himself with one of his arrows and fell madly in love. Our table shows Cupid's preparations while Venus struck him his orders and recommendations. Filippo Lauri (Rome [...]

Period : 17th century

Antique dealer : Galerie PhC

Galerie PhC


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