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"Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902)
"Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902) - Sculpture Style "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902) - "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902) - Antiquités - "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902)
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Period :
19th century
Artist :
Provenance :
Medium :
Patinated bronze and marble
Dimensions :
H. 14.96 inch
Sculpture  - "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902) 19th century - "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902)  - "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902) Antiquités - "Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902)
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"Suzanne," by Eugène Antoine Aizelin (1821-1902)

Bronze statue in brown patina representing Susanna, sculpted by Eugène Antoine Aizelin. Susanna at the Bath is a story from the apocryphal chapter 13 of the Book of Daniel in the Bible. In the story, a young woman, Susanna, refused the immoral proposition of two old men who were watching her in secret during her bath. To get their revenge, the two men accused her of adultery, which was a death sentence for her. The prophet Daniel intervened, and by cross-examining the men he proved her innocence and confirmed their guilt.

The female figure of this sculpture is draped in a flowing tunic, and is a perfect example of the Neoclassic style that inspired sculptors until the end of the 19th century. The bronze is set on a square, terraced, white-veined Carrara marble base. Signed on the base: Aizelin sculpteur. Manufacturer's mark: Gautier et Albinet.

Eugène Aizelin (Paris, 1821-1902) was a student of Ramey and Dumont at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in 1844. He displayed his work regularly at the Paris Salon from 1852 until 1897 and finally at the Universal Exposition in 1900. In addition to his mythological and Biblical scenes were genre scenes, characters from operas, and saints. Suzanne was presented at the 1897 Paris Salon. The bronze manufacturer Ferdinand Barbedienne produced a large number of Aizelin's sculptures, as did Gautier and Albinet, who produced our Suzanne.

François Gautier founded his bronze workshop in 1850 in Paris. He won a 1st place medal in 1855 with his table centerpieces, statues, and home furnishings. He displayed his work again in 1862 and sold his business shortly afterward to J. Albinet and G. Coulon. They were specialists in clocks and bronze mantelpiece decorations. The two associates exposed at the 1874 Salon, including candelabras, clocks, and various sizes of statuettes.

Circa: 1890

Dim: L:16cm, P:16,5cm, H:38cm.
Dim: W: 6,3 in - D: 6,5in - H: 15in.

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