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Napoléon III mirror
Napoléon III mirror - Mirrors, Trumeau Style Napoléon III Napoléon III mirror - Napoléon III mirror - Napoléon III Antiquités - Napoléon III mirror
Ref : 47049
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Gilded wood and stuc
Dimensions :
l. 44.09 inch X H. 72.44 inch
Weight :
33 Kg
Mirrors, Trumeau  - Napoléon III mirror 19th century - Napoléon III mirror Napoléon III - Napoléon III mirror Antiquités - Napoléon III mirror
Marc Menzoyan

Antique mirrors, sculpture and decorative arts

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Napoléon III mirror

Pediment of times mirror Napoleon III, ornamented sheets of water, tracery and berries on the pediment, the top rail in arc strike-slip in corners, frame the scenery of oves and darts. Gilding sheet gold of origin, ice of beveled origin. Mirror in very good condition, cleaned and checked by a professional of gilding.

Delevery information :

For mirrors and special objects transport is carried out by myself in the region or bordering, all other destinations France and foreign by a specialist. For less sensitive items sent by the usual general carriers.

Marc Menzoyan


Mirrors, Trumeau