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Flemish Master, Second quarter of the 17th Century
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Period :
17th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Oil on panel
Dimensions :
l. 7.95 inch X H. 9.92 inch
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Flemish Master, Second quarter of the 17th Century

Flemish Master
Possibly Antwerp | Second quarter of the 17th Century | Ca. 1640/50

An Interior with an old Woman and a Man Blood-letting
An Allegory of the Sense of Touch

Oil on panel
H. 25,2 cm. W. 20,2 cm.

With Guy Folkner | Sint-Martens-Latem | As by Joos van Craesbeeck;
Private collection | Antwerp

With an expertise by Guy Folkner, dd. 2 October 1979

The practice of ‘blood-letting’ (‘aderlaten’ in Dutch) the withdrawal of blood from a patient to prevent or cure illness and disease, was based on an ancient system of medicine in which blood and other bodily fluids were regarded as ‘humours’ that had to remain in proper balance to maintain health. The theme of blood-letting as an allochory on the sense of touch was also explored by the Antwerp master Gonzales Coques in a cycle of the five senses (Touch, oil on pnale, H 15,1 cm. W. 19,4 cm., collection National Gallery, London, inv./cat. nr NG1116). Another cycle, oil on panel, H. 18 cm. W. 15 cm. painted ca. 1640 is kept in the collection of the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp, (inv./cat. nr 760). The present work, formerly attributed to Joos van Craesbeeck, was painted by a Flemish artist, who was influenced by Adriaen Brouwer and David Teniers the Younger. Especial works by the latter dating to the 1640s appear to have influenced the present picture. As such, an origin in Antwerp appears likely.

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