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Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois
Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois - Furniture Style Louis XV Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois - Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois - Louis XV
Ref : 107022
49 000 €
Period :
18th century
Artist :
Jacques Dubois
Provenance :
France, Paris
Medium :
Violet wood, Aleppo breccia, chased and gilded bronzes
Dimensions :
l. 58.66 inch X H. 35.43 inch X P. 26.77 inch
Furniture  - Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois 18th century - Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois
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Important chest of drawers by Jacques Dubois

"Sauteuse" crossbow chest of drawers signed "ID" on two jambs,
For Jacques Dubois, cabinetmaker working with Pierre Migeon.
Paris, circa 1735/1740, early Louis XV period.
H. 90 cm x W. 149 cm x D. 68 cm

This chest of drawers features exclusive violet wood marquetry and an amply curved crossbow front. It is one of the first "sauteuse" commodes, opening with three drawers in only two rows. The elimination of the bottom drawer, which was to become widespread during the reign of Louis XV on the finest models, provides a new visual lightening while retaining the power of the Regency decorative repertoire. The major clients of these tall, "haute-sur-pieds" chests of drawers wanted slender lines, and didn't care for the resulting reduction in storage space. These chests of drawers, true works of art, are undoubtedly the first pieces of decorative art whose furnishing function takes a back seat.

The drawers are decorated with a St. Andrew's cross frieze, while the two crosspieces are embellished with a triple brass fluting, the bottom crosspiece finished with a scalloped apron. The powerful cross-braced uprights, inlaid with chevrons like the crosspieces, taper towards the bottom to lighten the base. The sides, vigorously curved in an "S" shape and embellished with a projection at the back, are veneered with diamond points.

The very fine ornamentation of finely chased bronzes gilded with mercury is original. Particularly noteworthy are the lively rocaille flower-decorated falls, the rare ribbon-wrapped handles imitating Chinese pagodas, the chasing of the acanthus-leaf entrances and the lion's paw hooves.

The top of the chest of drawers is a superb original Aleppo breche, with double beaks.

Very good condition.


Jacques DUBOIS and Pierre MIGEON

Two commodes, with similar lines and bronzes, are stamped by Pierre Migeon (1696-1758): A LACQUER COMMODE EXHIBITED AT THE MUSEE DES ARTS DECORATIFS IN PARIS, AND A FLORAL MARQUETRY COMMODE EXHIBITED AT THE MUSEE LOUIS VOULAND IN AVIGNON. Pierre Migeon, cabinetmaker-turned-dealer, enjoyed great international success and had to call on the best masters, as he was no longer able to fulfill all his orders himself.

OUR COMMODE was formerly attributed to cabinetmaker Jacques Denizot (1684- 1760), because of the "ID" monogram. However, this monogram does not appear in Pierre Migeon's records, whereas Jacques DUBOIS (Maitre in 1742) collaborated extensively with Migeon, who referenced him in his account book. The initials "ID" correspond to him (the J was spelt I in the 18th century), even though he used the stamp "I. DUBOIS" after 1743 and the Jurande's new statutes, which prohibited simple initials. Several pieces of furniture in the same style bear the double stamp, notably THE "VERGENNES" FLAT DESK PRESERVED AT THE LOUVRE BORSE COTE A COTE L'ESTAMPILLE DESUX GRANDS EBENISTES, DUBOIS ET MIGEON. This desk has completely atypical handles, like those on our chest of drawers.

By way of comparison with Jacques Dubois, François Mondon used "FMD" at the beginning of his career, then "MONDON" from 1743. As for the rarity of the "ID" monogram on "gout Migeon" furniture, this can be explained by the fact that Jacques Dubois was received as Master only one year before the Jurande's statutes were changed.

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