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Henry osmont - captain in second of colonel general, regulations of 1786
Henry osmont - captain in second of colonel general, regulations of 1786 - Collectibles Style Louis XVI Henry osmont - captain in second of colonel general, regulations of 1786 -
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18th century
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Collectibles  - Henry osmont - captain in second of colonel general, regulations of 1786 18th century - Henry osmont - captain in second of colonel general, regulations of 1786
Bertrand Malvaux

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Henry osmont - captain in second of colonel general, regulations of 1786

Henry OSMONT: CAPTAIN IN SECOND OF COLONEL GENERAL, regulations of 1786, Former Monarchy, reign of Louis XVI, circa 1786-1789: miniature portrait dated 1780. 26641

Oval-shaped miniature H 9.2 cm, W 7.7 cm (at sight).
Watercolor and gouache.
It represents the officer in full dress dress entirely in white cloth, piping, lapels, facings and turn-ups in crimson-colored velvet. Straight stand-up piped collar. Buttoning right on the chest. The front is trimmed with two crimson velvet lapels with eight false buttonholes in gilt trimmings braid, gilt uniform buttons. Crimson velvet facings and piping of the same color edged with a braid and two false buttonholes similarly to the lapels. Pair of epaulettes in golden trimmings, made up of a counter-epaulette (without fringe) and one with flexible fringes called "strings with wells". The officer holds a whip in his right hand. To his right in the background is his black patent leather officer's helmet with gold trim, black mane and white plume.
At the top right of the portrait is painted the arms of the captain.
Signed and dated lower right "OSMONT Henry pixi 80" (1780).
Gilded brass frame, bedside coaster in a blackened wooden bowl frame, H 14.1 cm, width 13.9 cm.

Former Monarchy, reign of Louis XVI, around 1786-1789.
Very good state.

Former Bernard Franck then Raoul and Jean Brunon collection.
In his book "Ideal lived" Jean Brunon writes about the Bernard Franck collection "In my time, the two most important collectors of military memorabilia were first André Lévy and a little later, Doctor Polaillon. There was a third, Bernard Franck, but his collection, large in quantity, was partly inferior in quality.

I knew these characters at the end of the 1920s. Bernard Franck, owner of a large military supply company, died shortly afterwards and the importance of his collections was such that sales at the Hôtel Drouot were spread out over several years, each session offering varied pieces, composed of real or fake.

The most astonishing set in quantity consisted of several hundred miniatures, almost all of them, of course, from the Republic and the Empire. The vast majority of these miniatures were, alas, the work of copyists or even artists, of whom Bernard Franck was the dream client, because their imagination could run free, assured that they were of finding in this unconcerned amateur, a enthusiastic buyer. One wonders what has become of these “wonders”. Some miniatures were from the Louis XVI period, all of them authentic. ".

The Colonel General regiment is an infantry regiment of the kingdom of France, created in 1480 from the bands of Picardy, the oldest military unit, and one of the five Petits Vieux, which became the 1st infantry regiment during the Revolution. line.

Creation and different denominations
October 9, 1480: Creation of the bands of Picardy.
May 29, 1569: Creation of the Sarrieu regiment.
1585: Takes the name of Regiment of Picardy.
1780: Takes the name of regiment Colonel General, the title of regiment Colonel General. The King had just restored, by an ordinance dated April 5 of this year, the office of Colonel General of the Infantry in favor of the Prince of Condé.
1791: Becomes the 1st line infantry regiment formerly Colonel General.

The office of Colonel General of the infantry in favor of the Prince of Condé.
The regiment, in its capacity as the first corps of the line infantry, became the property of the Colonel General and was charged with guarding his flag.
The regiment Colonel General's flag of Ordinance, like its Colonel flag, bears the Latin motto Praetriti fides exemplum que futuri, which means "fidelity to the past, example for the future".
The regiment was in garrison at Le Havre in 1781, at Lille in 1782, at Besançon in 1784, at Schelestadt in 1785, at Toul in 1787, and again at Lille in 1788.

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