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Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry
Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry - Collectibles Style Art Déco Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry - Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry - Art Déco Antiquités - Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry
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20th century
Collectibles  - Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry 20th century - Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry Art Déco - Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry Antiquités - Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry
Bertrand Malvaux

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Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry

Uniform of a soldier of the colonial infantry, First World War. Set comprising a helmet, a greatcoat, a tie, trousers-breeches, calf straps, boots, haversack, belt, cartridge belts, bayonet with pocket, gas mask, canister. Adrian helmet of the colonial infantry, model 1915. Steel helmet fitted with a slightly oval spherical bomb, a visor and a neck cover; on the top, crest provided laterally with two ventilation slits. First coat of light khaki paint covered with a second coat applied with a darker brush. Edge covered on the periphery of the helmet with a rod of 9 mm of magnetic steel sheet placed astride. Ventilation provided by a series of 8 holes 4 mm in diameter arranged in staggered rows in the bottom of the shell. Steel crest with indentation at the level of the ventilation holes of the shell, fixed by 4 rivets with domed heads. Stamped and cut metal attribute presenting a flaming bomb, initials "RF" for French Republic, broaching on a slack anchor. Headdress of the second type, made of a fawn leather headband and six blackened leather wolf teeth, each pierced with an eyelet for the passage of the drawstring. Headband of used light blue fabric, presence of the four corrugated aluminum strips. Fawn leather chinstrap. Troop hood, model 1915. In khaki woolen cloth, closed in the front by means of two panels crossing one over the other and two rows of buttons. The left side covering and crossing the right side, and held closed by six brass buttons stamped with a sling anchor framed by a net ending in a finial, presenting at the back a crossed trigger guard, 23mm in diameter. Buttonhole at each end of the front sides of the hood, allowing them to be raised when walking. In the back, adjustable martingale, vertical openings of 15cm above the ends of the martingale. Lapel half-signet collar, black lacquered iron staples at the foot of the collar. Easy opening at the cuffs of the sleeves, closing with a button of the model's small module. Expectations in bottom sheet for shoulder pads. At the level of the hips, so-called "cartridge" pockets arranged slightly at an angle, with straight flaps closing by means of two small module buttons, the latter firmly clamped with two strips of hessian, and a lined bottom. On the left side, flap in cloth reinforced with leather closing by means of a button, and making it possible to fix the bayonet holder and to support the belt. Lining in cotton cretonne, stamps of a Nantes manufacturer, with sizes. So-called "hunting" tie, model 1913. In khaki cotton canvas, folding down and closing at the front, manufacturer's stamp. Piped trousers of the African army, 1914 model. In thick khaki woolen cloth, side pockets positioned on the front slightly at an angle with small internal tabs allowing them to be closed, fly closing by means of four buttons concealed by a piece of facing in cloth of the same, steel clip, and a button at the level of the false belt. Gusset pocket. Buttons for the straps. At the back, martingale for adjusting the effect. Daffodil piping on the sides of the legs, more generally fitted to skirmishers and zouaves. Cloth cuffs at the bottom closing with a button. Lining in unbleached cotton cretonne, name of a soldier. Pair of puttees. In khaki woolen cloth, with its ties. Pair of boots, model 1912 modified 1916. In strong leather. Tongue not connected by a gusset to the upper. Assembly of the buttress, the quarter and the vamp reinforced by a tubular rivet. With seven eyelets, sole studded with spoiler studs, heels with caboche studs. On each boot, stamp of the reception commission, dated "1917". Musette case, model 1892. In cachou linen, with flap, closing with two civil buttons, with its strap. Canister, model 1877. In tinned iron, with a wide neck closed by a cork stopper, the upper part of which is protected by a steel cap, and a narrow neck for drinking. Dressed in khaki cloth. With its leather strap. Below, presence of a fabric label with stamp of the reception commission dated "1918". Troop belt, model 1903/1914, First World War. In very fawn leather, tombac buckles with two barbs, end, riveted. Sword-bayonet Lebel, model 1886 modified 1915, First World War. Sword-bayonet with cut quillon, cruciform steel blade 52.2 cm in length, anatomically shaped brass hilt. Steel scabbard. Fawn leather gusset. Three cartridge belts, model 1916. In strong fawn leather. At the back passing in a trapezoidal shape, sewn overlay tab with steel closing buttons or domed tombac. Suspension straps, model 1892. In blackened leather with three strands sewn around an iron ring of 37mm outside diameter, provided with perforations for the hooks here in brass, for the maintenance of the cartridge belts. Holster and ARS 17 gas mask. Sheet steel, khaki paint, label with instructions on the back of the lid. With its strap. France. First World War. Helmet in good condition, paintwork in very good condition, broken chinstrap, staples holding the corrugated plate on the left side broken; hood in very good condition, absence of buttons on the pocket flaps and the left sleeve and the small cloth tab to keep the collar closed; tie in very good condition; trouser-pants, leg bands in very good condition; left boot with partly unstitched vamp and heel counter; bag-bag in very good condition; container with some rust stains on the sheet; belt in very good condition; gusset with a few uneven seams; cartridge belts, suspension straps in very good condition. Gas mask in poor condition, accidents and losses, mask case in good condition. Additional photographs on request.

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