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Japanese 2-Panel Screen
Japanese 2-Panel Screen - Asian Works of Art Style Japanese 2-Panel Screen -
Ref : 101773
Period :
20th century
Provenance :
Dimensions :
l. 42.13 inch X H. 18.9 inch
Asian Works of Art  - Japanese 2-Panel Screen 20th century - Japanese 2-Panel Screen
Galerie Tora Tori

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Japanese 2-Panel Screen

In the style of the screens for the tea ceremony (furosaki) this very decorative screen represents two varieties of kiku (chrysanthemums) imperial flower, in polychromy and 2 crabs in suspension, on paper.
The association of crabs and chrysanthemums comes from a Chinese custom "the festival of the double nine". It is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth moon, i.e. the ninth lunation of autumn. On this occasion picnics are organized with the family to admire the chrysanthemums and at the same time crabs are served in the gastronomic menus.
A signature, at the bottom, on the left panel, reads, done on an autumn day, Meiji Koshi (1900).
64 year old man. Bunrey. Width: 107cm. Height: 48cm

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