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A Regence framed crucifix
A Regence framed crucifix - Religious Antiques Style French Regence A Regence framed crucifix -
Ref : 101015
4 000 €
Period :
18th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Gilt bronze, carved and gilt wood frame
Dimensions :
l. 20.08 inch X H. 29.92 inch
Religious Antiques  - A Regence framed crucifix
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A Regence framed crucifix

Christ in gilded bronze crucified on an amaranth cross, arms raised almost vertically, very naturalistic rendering of the modelling and the folds of the perizonium. The feet of Christ rest on a suppedanum of the same wood as the cross. At the top of the cross the titulus (writing case bearing the inscription INRI) also in gilt bronze and at the bottom of the cross the representation of a skull and two femurs on a background of tears, also on a small bronze plate.
Beautiful Regency period arched frame, carved and gilded wood with shell and leafy clasp decoration.

Frame: H. 76 cm L. 51 cm 26 1/3 in.20 in.
Cross: H. 51 cm W. 23 cm 20 in. 9 in.
Christ: H. 29 cm L. 11 cm 11 1/2 in. 4 1/3 in.

Iconography :
When the arms are raised almost vertically this is often mislabeled as a Jansenist feature, whereas this arrangement was used by artists of "Jesuit" tendency such as Rubens, and in any case long before the development of Jansenism.

Skull and bones:
The depiction of a skull and bones, not to be confused with a memento mori, is a reference to Adam or to Mount Golgotha where Christ was crucified: the Greek form for the Aramaic word gulgota meaning skull. It names a hill outside Jerusalem on which the Romans crucified the condemned. Its name certainly comes from the presence of bones and skulls.

The titulus:
The Gospels report that the cross had the inscription Iesu Nazarati Rex Iudorum, 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews' (INRI) above Jesus' head. The Gospel according to John states that Pilate wrote this inscription on a signboard in Hebrew, Latin and Greek.

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