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Borghese Gladiator
Borghese Gladiator - Sculpture Style Borghese Gladiator - Borghese Gladiator - Antiquités - Borghese Gladiator
Ref : 100990
2 500 €
Period :
19th century
Provenance :
Medium :
Dimensions :
l. 16.54 inch X H. 22.44 inch X P. 6.3 inch
Sculpture  - Borghese Gladiator 19th century - Borghese Gladiator  - Borghese Gladiator
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Borghese Gladiator

Misnamed a gladiator due to an erroneous restoration, it was among the most admired and copied works of antiquity in the eighteenth century, providing sculptors a canon of proportions.The sculpture was added to the Borghese collection in Rome. At the Villa Borghese it stood in a ground-floor room named for it, redecorated in the early 1780s by Antonio Asprucci. Camillo Borghese was pressured to sell it to his brother-in-law, Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1807, it was taken to Paris when the Borghese collection was acquired for the Louvre, where it now resides.
This sculpture stands on a Vert de Mer marble base.

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